Natural And Organic Food Bringing Healthy Change in Food Industry

We are what we eat and our food industry is a reflection of what we prefer to consume. After years of millennials going crazy after greasy fast food and small restaurants turning into huge franchises capitalizing on this trend. Now years after, we have started to see these food titans turning into a reverse gear with their marketing strategy and making a u-turn with capitalizing on organic food and following the healthy food phenomena.

With all the information anyone could ask for, right at their fingertips, it’s no surprise that people’s mindset has changed and grown significantly, especially regarding what they eat and consume. We have all become especially aware of the importance of food we consume and the nutrients components it adds to our diet. And whether it actually helps in making our diet the one our body will thank us for or rather punish us for.

All of this makes it feel like a new era of healthier fast food may just be on the brink as we see huge fast food franchises like Carl’s Jr. in 2014 introducing a burger marketed as all organic and made from beef obtained from grass-fed cows along with Chick-fil-A bringing in kale salad as a replacement for its coleslaw.

Another similar news came some years back when McDonald’s made a switch to largely antibiotic-free chicken produce for its food products and introduced an all organic burger.

Also, Both Subway and Papa John’s have already switched to non-artificial products in their food along with Panera phasing out artificial flavors, preservatives, and sweeteners from its products some years back.

In the past 12 or so years, people’s awareness of what they are eating and the importance of health and wellness has really increased, in-turn, changing the food industry as we see it nowadays a lot!

Companies, previously being notorious for their unhealthy and unhygienic food products, and being able to get away with it have now seen a major shift towards fresh organic products and promoting healthy food options in their menus. As Consumers want food brands to be more transparent about their process of sourcing ingredients and more precise about the nutrient information printed on the labels like making calorie counts available.

Companies are all becoming more and more aware of the fact that word “natural” on a food product helps sell it. And consumers see “organic” food products as a healthier food option with fewer calories. This is how human psychology has been observed to react to such terms and this is what marketers are trying to exploit.

So at the end of the day, who cares if the change is happening just because these companies want to market themselves and make more bucks while capitalizing on healthier food. What matters is, people will be healthier and better off eating these food products and companies will keep promoting it to keep profiting on it, which will also help in making healthy food stop sounding weird and more of a mainstream trend for everyone to divulge at their pleasure.