Home Renovation and Interior Design Trends in 2020

Here are 9 trends in design for 2020:

The Danish word hygge is becoming mainstream internationally among designers and homeowners. It describes a feeling of well-being and cozy contentment. Besides comfort food and beverages, for the home it means indulging with throw blankets, fireplaces, reading nooks, and candles for warmth.

Green Design and Sustainable Materials: Millennials are embracing the motto of “Re-Use, Reduce, Recycle” has made it trendy to incorporate materials that are replaceable in nature like bamboo and seagrass. Reclaimed wood is popular among designers. Tiny homes are also a trend that people are trying out, as they embrace a less materialistic lifestyle and attempt to reduce their carbon footstep.

Cutting down on Possessions to Free Up Design: Society has encouraged people to spend more and more and shopping is a national past-time. As a backlash, people are increasingly discovering Marie Kondo and her KonMari approach. Living with only what truly sparks pleasure has meant new opportunities to design one’s living space and ditch the over clutter of most homes.

Creating Integrated-Use Areas in the Home: Open floor plans where living rooms merge into dining room and dining rooms are opened up to the kitchen are popular, even though it may require knocking down existing walls. In the kitchen, islands that allow for entertaining and have bar-stool seating make the cook less lonely. Hybrid homes for work and living are more common due to people working from home, which becomes more frequent as traffic gets worse in most cosmopolitan areas. Home gyms are also part of modern homes.

Available Software to Help in Designing Interiors: Designers and home design planners can turn to software that helps create digital designs. For example 2020, is a software which offers features like realistic renderings without being an architect and allows virtual reality previewing of designs layouts, including lighting, kitchen and bathroom renovation and designs, uses an online catalog of vendors for home design. https://www.2020spaces.com/solutions/kitchen-bath-designers/

The 2020 Kitchen Remodeling: Black is the new trend in appliance designs like refrigerators, dishwashers, etc. Some refrigerators are available in bold primary colors for 2020. Gold metallic surfaces like range hoods will also be in demand.

Varied and Rich Materials: Despite the trend towards intentional living and conservation, rich textures will continue to be popular in 2020. Think velvet, embroidery, cork, hand-woven carpets, and more.

Smart Homes are Becoming Increasingly Mainstream: No longer do people have to have the fortune of a Bill Gates to equip their home with responsive technology. Today you can have a refrigerator that plays Pandora, or that will listen to your voice to create grocery list.

Social Media and Ordering Decorating Elements Online: Ecommerce grows each year, with homeowners and designers turning to sites like Pinterest and Instagram for decorating inspiration and then turning to retail sites that offer pick up at the store or even increasingly are offering free delivery for larger items like sofas, entryway tables, lighting fixtures, and just about anything for any room.